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Operating for over 30 years, our education tours have grown organically through word of mouth and our awesome, long standing partnerships with amazing international schools. Since Covid, the desire to visit Aotearoa, New Zealand has grown and with the enquiries and bookings coming in hot we thought it was time to give this part of the MDA Group its own space. Education Tours NZ is the new front for our business, still doing things the MDA way.


What makes Education Tours New Zealand different?

Our humble beginnings have provided Education Tours NZ and the wider MDA Experiences group with a unique approach to business and providing unforgettable experiences. That approach focuses on three elements to ensure the best outcome for everyone; The People, The Environment and The Experience.

The People - MDA Experiences is a Māori owned and operated company and with that comes a responsibility to uphold the beliefs and traditions of our people. There is a commonly used saying in Māori, known throughout the various tribes; "He aha mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata". What is the most important thing in the world? The people, the people, the people. This ideology is what both motivates our crew and ensures that everyone who travels with us receives a genuine, heartfelt and fun experience that will remembered for a lifetime.

The Environment - Kaitiakitanga - Guardianship of the land is the role we play and given the fragile nature of our environment, it is our belief that we impart our knowledge of Aotearoa, New Zealand, to all that travel with us. This includes instilling an idea of ownership of our whenua (land) and that its protection is the responsibility of all. We are proud to be awarded the Gold standard for Quality Assurance.

The Experience - MDA Experiences has a unique offering that is largely inaccessible to overseas visitors. With over three decades of operating and relationships that extend nation wide, we have the ability to provide itineraries that are seamless and take you further off the beaten track. From staying on our guides own family marae (traditional Māori village) to taking on a myriad of adventures, many of which we provide in house.

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