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Out and about in our Community

The MDA Experiences Whānau have been active members in community service projects since its inception in 1989. Whether it be social or environmental initiatives, we pride ourselves on being strong advocates of Kaitiakitanga.




Share the Ride with Whānau: Give a child a bike and start a dream. 


Everybody remembers the day they got their first bike. You remember it too. It inspired your sense of freedom and independence. Learning to ride a bike provides a child with a rewarding self-guided activity, a feeling of accomplishment that boosts self-esteem and shows that anything is possible if you work at it. 


An international programme introduced in New Zealand called Share the Ride is helping to give economically disadvantaged Rotorua kids the chance to embrace these benefits. 

Over 10 weeks, children learn riding skills, first aid skills, history of the forest, trail etiquette, bike maintenance, and tackle a range of mountain biking trails. In return for their dedication, they’re rewarded at Crankworx with brand new Giant bikes and Bell helmets thanks to Share the Ride donations. 


Even in a place like Rotorua where "everyone mountain bikes" it's easily missed that the demographic enjoying the experience is often quite narrow. Share the Ride makes it possible to reach out further into the wider community cultivating growth at the real grassroots. It not only shares the simple pleasures mountain biking can provide, but also means kids have the means to pedal their way to school and leisure activities, encouraging alternate carbon free forms of transportation. Cycling as a physical activity also provides children with an enjoyable form of physical fitness that not only helps develop motor skills, but when they ride with others, much needed social skills as well.


Since 2015, the MDA Experiences team have worked with over 50 families to Share the Ride and look forward to bringing even more people in to the mountain bike community.

Since 2015, MDA Experiences and MTB Rotorua have been providing a unique opportunity for Rotorua Schools. Every year, Tak and Tu Mutu select one of the regions schools and offer the chance for EVERY student at the school to go mountain biking in the world famous forest. This has seen over 1000 students enjoy the delights of riding on some of the worlds best trails at no cost to the schools or students.

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Every Tour Plants a Native: Trees that Count

For every premium experience or transfer that we host, MDA Experiences will plant a native tree here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Just another one of our community initiatives to give back to both our people and our place.

By supporting native tree planting we’re playing an important role in reducing net CO2 emissions, strengthening New Zealand’s biodiversity and helping communities thrive.


Native trees can live for thousands of years. Unlike pine, they don’t need to be clear-felled and replanted – they keep thriving. Supporting native tree planting today will leave a legacy for future generations that we can be proud of. As well as helping create a healthier environment, we are growing natural playgrounds for the tamariki of tomorrow and sustenance to help our wildlife survive.


Share the Ride in Schools: Everyone should experience the thrill of riding in the Whakarewarewa Forest 

Mountain Bike Rotorua Forest Academy


The Mountain Bike Rotorua Forest Academy is being established to formalize and professionalize the athlete support systems and pathways that the MDA Group currently undertake.



  • To be world leading in combining business with positive community, environment, economic and cultural impacts

  • To best serve the Rotorua community

  • To support the development of mountain biking in New Zealand both competitively and recreationally

  • To provide pathways for people to develop their mountain biking both competitively and recreationally​


There are three divisions in the Academy:

1) Professional Athlete Support

2) Athlete Development Support

3) Community Engagement Support

The divisions allow us to provide pathways and support for aspiring athletes and community advocates alike. The support provided by the Mountain Bike Rotorua Forest Academy ranges from product and mentoring to cash sponsorship and active promotion of individuals and organisations.

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